About the Selkirk Conservation Alliance




Two-Mouth Creek in Priest Lake State Forest ©Mark Sprengle

The Inland Temperate Rainforest, which is part of the Purcell-Cabinet Mountain Corridor, stretches across northern extremes of Washington, Idaho, and Montana. It is the only place on earth where temperate rainforests are found so far from any ocean.

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Here, weather systems from the Pacific collide with the Columbia Mountains and create lush interior forests, important habitat for many unique plants and animals including the endangered mountain caribou, a variety of woodland caribou found nowhere else in the world.

The Inland Temperate Rainforest of Idaho and northeastern Washington still retains almost all the plants and wildlife found here over 200 years ago when Lewis and Clark made their epic journey just to the south. It's our privledge to be able to experience and enjoy this unique area, and our responsibility to ensure that this wonderful biodiversity remains.

SCA is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization funded by grants, private donations, and memberships. SCA stands for conservation and protection of the crucial and sensitive natural resources of the United States' Selkirk Mountains, their watershed, forests, lakes, streams and rivers, an area that spans the Washington-Idaho border and extends north to the Canadian border.

For example, SCA works to stop unnecessary and wanton destruction of forests, especially old-growth, where it negatively affects caribou and other wildlife and plants. And, SCA insists on a logical method of managing wolf populations rather than the anti-wolf approach taken by Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

Our first approach is not litigation. SCA seeks to work out solutions to difficult problems. However, when such offers are rejected, when the natural resources are going to be capriciously devastated, when prejudice and pandering prevail over science, we will initiate or join into litigation as necessary.




Board of Directors:

Steve Booth, Chairman

Paul "Randy" Curless

Mark Kubush

Sharon Sorby

Bruce Yocum

John Abelson



Cheryl Moody, Executive Director

Timothy Layser, Program Coordinator

Linda Check, Office Manager