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Special! "A Latte & a Bagel a Month" Membership Level:
Automatic monthly payments of $10.00 – about the cost of one triple tall latte and a bagel – $120.00, collected in $10.00 monthly increments
A latte and a bagel membership, paid in full right now – $120.00
What is a wild and wonderful Selkirk ecosystem worth to you each year? Put the value on it that seems right to you!
Automatic monthly payments of any amount you choose Email or call our office manager at 208-448-1110, and she will gladly set up automatic monthly credit/debit card payments in any amount.
Regular Membership Levels:  
Individual Membership – $30.00
Living Lightly Individual Membership – $15.00
Family Membership – $35.00
Living Lightly Family Membership – $20.00
Small Organization/Business Membership – $100.00
Large Organization/Business (10+ employees) Membership – $500.00
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