Posted July 2008

In July of 2007, SCA formally requested, from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), help in setting up a Priest Lake Citizen's Water Quality Monitoring Program. SCA sent a letter to DEQ Water Quality Manager Ed Tulloch requesting DEQ's help in providing equipment and funding laboratory analysis of water samples.

In February of this year we did hear from DEQ and they will help SCA with training and lab fees, but the program depends on reliable volunteers to periodically test water quality in Priest Lake. To that end, SCA has formed a Citizens' Volunteer Monitoring Program. This project will compile data useful in protecting Priest Lake's renowned water purity and serve as an early warning tool in identifying hazards before they become insurmountable.

In 2008, SCA purchased a dissolved oxygen/temperature monitoring meter for volunteers to use when monitoring the water quality on Priest Lake. We are exploring the possibility of another meter for use on southern Priest Lake.  Volunteers, in coordination with DEQ, have worked this project throughout this summer and are providing not only temperature and dissolved oxygen readings to DEQ but also water samples for lab analysis.

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